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Intel’s 4-bit 4004 CPU Turns 50

Thomas Nguyen, CC BY-SA 4.0 50 years ago today, on November 15 1971, Intel launched the 4004 and, by extension, the modern computer age. The 4004 was the first commercially-produced microprocessor, or CPU. It was an enormous technical achievement for Intel, and the design team, which was led by Federico …

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New Intel Photorealistic Game

  One question gamers have been asking more or less since the invention of graphics is, “How long until GPUs can make a game look “real?” This has always been a difficult lift. While it’s possible to create photo-realistic renders, doing so typically requires a great deal of careful work …

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Huawei’s HarmonyOS

  Huawei only got to enjoy a few months at the top of the smartphone heap before the US government knocked it down a peg. Following the Commerce Department’s actions against the Chinese megafirm, Huawei has been unable to use Google services on its new phones. The company’s solution was …

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Putin turns down Japanese dog gift, MP says

Image copyright AFP Image caption The dog was meant as a messenger for Yume (left), given to Mr Putin in 2012 – also pictured: Buffy Russian President Vladimir Putin has incited down a offer of a dog as a benefaction from a Japanese government, according to a Japanese MP. Koichi …

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