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Clay Debuts A New Tool

A new startup called Clay, backed by $8 million in seed funding, has built a system designed to help you be more thoughtful with the people in your life, which operates somewhat like a personal CRM. With Clay, you build a collection of the people you meet by connecting your …

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Indus People Civilization

An analysis of ceramic lipid residues from rural and urban sites of the Indus Civilization in northwest India provides chemical evidence for milk, meat of animals like pigs, cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat, and possible mixtures of products and/or plant consumption. An artist’s reconstruction of the gateway and drain at …

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Tips For Ranking

Since it was first spotted in 2015, the People Also Ask (PAA) box has become a familiar feature on search results pages. So familiar, in fact, that it appears in both Google’s and Bing’s results, with the former search engine presenting it in 49% of all searches, according to a …

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Ancient Native Americans

An international team of archaeologists has excavated and examined 8,000-year-old projectile points (spear- and arrowheads) at two sites in Yemen and Oman. They’ve found that ancient Arabians independently invented a process to create distinctive projectile points — called fluting — that was first used by Native Americans about 5,000 years …

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Loss Less Accurately

People with Severe Vision Loss Less Accurately Judge Distance of Nearby Sounds, Study Shows A new study shows that greater severity of vision loss is associated with increased auditory judgments of distance and room size; on average, participants with severe visual losses perceived sounds to be twice as far away, …

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