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Micron Memory Shortages

If you were considering upgrading your gaming rig to Intel’s new Alder Lake platform, and dropping in some DDR5 memory modules, memory manufacturer Micron has some bad news for you. The company confirmed in an earnings call recently that production of the next-gen memory modules is quite difficult at this …

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Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope has been offline for a week following a failure in the observatory’s payload computer, and it might take longer than we expected to get it back up and running. NASA reports it has made several attempts to switch to backup memory modules, but it hasn’t worked. …

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NASA’s Hubble Telescope

The aging Hubble Space Telescope is still in safe mode after an apparent hardware failure on June 13th. NASA initially hoped it would be a quick changeover to backup hardware, but the swapping in replacement hardware has not solved the problem. The team is still working on a solution, but …

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AMD Ryzen 3000

  When AMD announced its Ryzen 5000 CPUs, it introduced a feature it dubbed Smart Access Memory, known more generally across the industry as Resizable BAR. Resizable BAR allows a CPU to access more than 256MB of GPU memory at any given time. The feature can boost game performance on …

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SK Hynix Buys Foundry for $9B

  SK Hynix has announced it will acquire Intel’s NAND memory business for $9B, including Intel’s NAND SSD foundry, its component and wafer business, and the manufacturing facility Intel built in Dalian, China. The announcement specifically states that Intel will retain its Optane business. Not the Fastest Timeline The two …

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Memory Specification

Finalized: Up to 6400GT/s, 2TB LRDIMMs JEDEC, the consortium in charge of DDR technology development and standardization, has announced that it has completed the last revision to the DDR5 standard. While time-to-market varies, historically it takes 12-18 months from specification finalization to consumer-ready product, and JEDEC has indicated it expects …

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