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Quadruple Helix DNA


A team of scientists from the United Kingdom and Spain has demonstrated that a technique called fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy in conjunction with a fluorescent probe can identify four-stranded ‘quadruple helix’ DNA structures within nuclei of live cells. Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy map of nuclear DNA in live cells stained …

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Living Up To The Promise


Expanded text ads (ETAs) aren’t going anywhere just yet, but Google’s latest experiment to make responsive search ads (RSAs) the default option is a sign of where things are heading. Responsive search ads are indicative of the broader shift to machine learning and automation, where bids, ads, landing pages, etc. …

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Friendly to Green Living


Changes and Upgrades to Your Home that Are Friendly to Green Living Finding new and interesting ways to make changes or upgrades to your home that fit in with a green living philosophy requires a little extra effort. Yet not only does it pay off environmentally but many times it …

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HomTex sets Dream Living launch for Vegas


LAS VEGAS – HomTex Inc., famous for a DreamFit code of sheets, will betray a new Dream Living code during a arriving Las Vegas Market, Jan. 22-26. The showroom, in World Market Center space C-1544, will be renamed and redesigned to stress a new line of Dream Living products, many …

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8 Healthy Living Tips for better vitality

The challenges of our modern lives make it difficult for us to be attentive towards our health, and it is not surprising that nowadays we are often faced with health issues that were scarcely present during the past. It is thus necessary for us to make a conscious attempt to …

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Healthy living plan for enhanced mind and body

Nowadays it is often hard to take good care of our health due to the busy schedules that we have to adhere to. However, it is still important to be mindful about our health and include healthy eating and exercising in our regular life if we are to live a …

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5 Green Living Apps that Make it Easy to be Green

Many of us aspire to live a greener, more sustainable life, but that’s often easier said than done. Life is constantly on the go, and we don’t always have time to research before making a decision. Fortunately, smartphones are coming to our rescue. The following five apps take the guesswork out …

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