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Drones To Virtual Reality

A 5G-enabled drone flying over the course at the recent Open de España in Madrid. Drones, digital twins and virtual reality applications aren’t the kinds of kit you’d normally associate with golf, but that’s exactly the tools that are being put to test right now on the sport’s European Tour. …

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Darwin’s Ground Sloth

New research published in the journal Scientific Reports provides the first direct evidence of omnivory in an ancient sloth species. Reconstruction of the Darwin’s ground sloth (Mylodon darwinii) feeding on the carcass of the hoofed native herbivore Macrauchenia. These extinct mammals roamed the Pleistocene landscape of Patagonia and other parts …

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Radar Map Ancient City

Archaeologists Use Ground-Penetrating Radar to Map Ancient Roman City of Falerii Novi The first high-resolution ground-penetrating radar survey of a complete ancient Roman town — Falerii Novi, in Lazio, Italy — has revealed previously unrecorded public buildings, such as a temple, a macellum or market building, a bath complex, and …

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Miocene Ground Beetle Fossils Found in Antarctica

Fossilized forewings (elytra) from two individuals, discovered at the Oliver Bluffs on the Beardmore Glacier, revealed the first ground beetle species known from Antarctica. Research describing the new species is published online in the journal ZooKeys. Fossils of the left and right elytra of the Ball’s Antarctic tundra beetle (Antarctotrechus …

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