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Samsung’s CES 2021

It wouldn’t be CES without some new Samsung robots. The company on Monday at its virtual press conference showed off three new Bots to help pick up items around the house and act as personal assistants. And one of those, a smart vacuum that also doubles as a security camera, will …

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Victus Gorilla Glass

  Ever since Steve Jobs trotted out on stage and declared the wondrous benefits of simian-themed amorphous solids, pretty much every smartphone worth buying has used one iteration or another of Corning’s Gorilla Glass. Kyocera does offer a handful of smartphones with sapphire displays, but potassium-processed Simian Silicon remains the …

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Glass Sponge Discovered

A research team led by University of Alberta marine biologists has discovered a new species of sea sponge living off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Desmacella hyaline. Image credit: Sally Leys. Glass sponges (class Hexactinellida) are cup-shaped marine animals, ranging from 10 to 30 cm (3.9-11.8 inches) in height, …

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How to Make Drinking Glasses Out of Recycled Glass

Drinking glasses are the epitome of a new “make-do” attitude. If you save every last old bottle, jar and bit of glass like I do, you no doubt have enough material for a 10-piece set of drinking glasses that can be made in about an hour. And it’s so simple …

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