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3 Factors For Cloud Sales Team

As general partner in a classic Series A venture capital firm, I have the pleasure of regularly speaking to cloud software company founders. At this early stage, a lot of company building has yet to be done, which includes the development of a professional sales team. Let me set the …

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7 All-Natural Products

Today, many people are becoming ethical shoppers and aiming to choose products that are sustainable and environment-friendly, and that support the community and local sellers. This consumer interest has led to an increasing number of all-natural products on the market today. If it’s time for you to switch up the …

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Shopify Tradeoffs

What to consider before selecting your next e-commerce platform Selecting the appropriate e-commerce platform for your goals, circumstances and customers can influence your sales and the amount of time your staff dedicates to maintaining that platform. If you’re looking at Shopify as your next potential e-commerce solution, you need to …

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Publishers Need Consider

What publishers need to consider before dropping AMP [Video] Next year, Google will lift the AMP restriction on its Top Stories section and instead use page experience factors to determine what content shows up in the Top Stories. This news has publishers reevaluating AMP and their mobile strategy. During our …

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4 critical areas to consider when performing AdWords audits

Auditing a prospective client’s Google AdWords account is a tried-and-true sales tactic when hoping to win business. By reviewing accounts, missed opportunities may be found, while issues with campaign structure, settings and optimizations can be addressed. Many agencies have checklists and/or specific areas they review when auditing accounts. However, as …

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Celebrities Who Don’t Consider Themselves Black

While Rachel Dolezal sticks by her identity as “black”, despite her Czech, German and Swedish ancestry, plenty of celebrities have trouble with that label, and aren’t afraid to discuss it publicly, despite social media backlash. Find out more about the celebrities who don’t consider themselves black, and decide for yourself …

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