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Samsung’s CES 2021

It wouldn’t be CES without some new Samsung robots. The company on Monday at its virtual press conference showed off three new Bots to help pick up items around the house and act as personal assistants. And one of those, a smart vacuum that also doubles as a security camera, will …

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Clean Up Space Junk

  Humanity launched the first satellite in 1957, and since then we’ve put thousands of objects in orbit with little regard for the future. Along with about 3,000 active satellites, we now have 900,000 pieces of space junk larger than 10 centimeters. The results could be catastrophic if even a …

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Green Your Clean ~ Eco-Friendly Tips for Spick and Span Spaces

Last week we shared some of our favorite tips for decluttering your home and office. And this week, we’ve got the 411 on cleaning with green, environmentally friendly products, tips and tricks. Skip the Harsh Chemicals: Most of your store-bought cleaning products contain artificial, synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. By …

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7 Days of Clean Eating, Made Simple

We all love the thought of clean eating: Consuming nourishing, whole foods that will make us feel great (and maybe even look better, too.) But as with most things, liking the idea of clean eating is a whole lot easier than actually putting a plan into place. After all, microwave …

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7 Easy Kitchen Hacks for Clean Eating

Photo by Leonie Wise Let’s be real, it’s damn near impossible to avoid eating a cookie when it’s sitting right on your counter or desk. Sweets and fatty junk foods are just too hard to resist when they’re in plain sight. And that’s not just in your head — science …

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