Thursday , November 15 2018

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Apple Freaking Fritters

Take a low breath, and get ready. Fry adult some oil, baker-friend, ’cause these fritters ain’t gonna grill themselves adult into a corrupted unconcern famous as your New Favorite Dessert. I finished these for The Husband’s birthday since a) we had already finished roughly each kind of lemon recipe in …

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Square’s Latest Reader Available At Apple

Square’s latest payments reader is entrance to an Apple store nearby you, a association tells TechCrunch. The inclination will sell for $49 and be accessible online and in-store around a U.S. Launched last fall, Square’s new appliance is NFC-enabled and works with Apple Pay. Now a standard in many countries, …

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You can now pre-order the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2

When Apple announced the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 earlier this week the company said pre-orders would start Friday September 9th, which in recent years has meant as early as 12:01am Pacific Time or 3:01am Eastern Time on the 9th. This year is no different, as the company just flipped the …

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Apple strikes a deal with MLB to put iPads in dugouts

The MLB is taking a page from the NFL’s playbook and equipping teams with tablets to use during games for the 2016 season. But, instead of Microsoft Surface Tablets, the MLB has made a deal with Apple to provide all 30 MLB teams with iPad Pros to use. The iPads will …

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Apple eyeing touch controls to extend the power of the stylus

Apple has been looking at ways to extend the control power of stylus input methods, patenting a touch sensitive stylus which could allow for users to manipulate on screen objects depending on how and where they place their fingers on the stylus shaft itself. The patent, spotted earlier by AppleInsider, was first filed in December …

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