Sunday , October 21 2018


Google addresses Android 8.1 Oreo VPN issues, repair to be released

< meta itemprop ="datePublished" material ="2017-12-24T07:58:01 +00:00"> < p itemprop= "image"itemscope=""itemtype= "">< meta itemprop ="url" content =""> Google addresses Android 8.1 Oreo VPN concerns, fix to be launched Android 8.1 Oreo, the most recent variation of Google’s operating system for mobile phones, just recently appeared to be having trouble with …

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Google makes AI tool for accuracy medication open source

Google revealed Monday an open source version of DeepVariant, the expert system tool that in 2015 earned the highest accuracy ranking at the precisionFDA’s Fact Challenge.The open source tool comes as academic medical centers, hospitals, insurer and other healthcare organizations are tailoring up for if not already starting expert system, …

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Google taps Van Jones and Anil Dash to discuss race and algorithmic bias

You may remember that time Google was under fire for wrongfully indicating that photos of black people were gorillas, and the time Microsoft’s AI bot named Tay turned incredibly racist. Today at Google’s Mountain View headquarters, the company acknowledged its shortcomings, as well as the shortcomings of other technologies in relation …

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Google’s head of diversity is leaving the company

Google’s head of diversity, Nancy Lee, is retiring from Google after several years of leading the company’s global diversity and inclusion team, TechCrunch has learned. Lee, who originally joined Google’s legal team back in 2006, has been working on diversity at Google for the last few years. She started her diversity …

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Google has reportedly stopped developing its own self-driving car

Google has reportedly shelved its long-standing plan to develop its own autonomous vehicle in favor of pursuing partnerships with existing car makers. The Information reports that Google’s self-driving car unit — known internally as Chauffeur — is working with established automotive names to develop cars that will include some self-driving features, …

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