First Temple-Period Papyrus Mentioning ‘Jerusalem’ Found

Archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) have uncovered a papyrus fragment that includes the earliest reference to Jerusalem in an extra-Biblical document, written in ancient Hebrew script and dating to the time of the First Temple (seventh century BC). This papyrus, found in one of the Judean Desert caves, …

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Archaeologists Find Pharaonic Boat Burial at Abydos

Archaeological excavations at Abydos, Egypt, have revealed the remains of a subterranean boat burial dating to the reign of the pharaoh Senwosret III (c. 1850 BC), says an international team of archaeologists led by Dr. Josef Wegner of the Penn Museum, University of Pennsylvania. Top: interior of the boat building. …

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Archaeologists Unearth Bronze Age City in Iraq

An international team of archaeologists has uncovered the remains of a large Bronze Age settlement not far from the town of Dohuk in northern Iraq. The mound of ruins at Bassetki, Iraq, with the broad area of the lower town where sheep now graze. Image credit: Peter Pfälzner. The settlement …

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