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16 Secretly Healthy Memorial Day Recipes

Kicking off summer with a food-filled celebration? It’s easy to give in to tradition and indulge in calorie-laden barbecue favorites like cheeseburgers, heavy pasta salads or sugary desserts. But there are plenty of ways to lighten up your menu without sacrificing flavor. Whether you’re hosting your own feast or contributing …

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6 Healthy Bento Boxes Better Than Starbucks

If portion control is your kryptonite, bento boxes are a great way to avoid going overboard. But instead of grabbing a pre-made bistro box from Starbucks or Pret a Manger, why not design your own with the foods you love? Putting them together is half the fun. Melissa Rifkin, RD, …

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8 Gluten-Free Snacks That Banish Cravings and Bloat

May is Celiac Awareness Month, but celiacs aren’t the only ones who might benefit from limiting gluten from their diet. Many people can have wheat sensitivity, which can cause bloating, diarrhea and fatigue. Not ideal conditions for beach season. Since every body behaves differently, consider grabbing a food journal to …

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14 Gorgeous Beet Recipes to Make at Every Meal

These vibrant recipes have one thing in common: They all feature bold and beautiful beets as the main ingredient. Because spring typically has us craving fresh veggies and lighter fare, it’s perfect that the deep red food is trendy and in-season, too. Not only do these beet recipes add bright …

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11 Healthy PB2 Recipes for Peanut Butter Lovers

With up to 85 percent less fat and 50 percent fewer calories than regular peanut butter, powdered peanut butter has become the hot new item among health-conscious cooks. Two tablespoons of PB2 powder contains just 1.5 grams of fat — yes, really! How can something so magically delicious be so low …

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