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From repurposing old items to reducing waste, households worldwide are doing their part in being more environmentally friendly these days. Many families take to using products made of natural materials like wheat straw plates.
These plates are made from wheat straw, which are by-products of wheat after the grains are harvested. They’re referred to as wheat straw plastic because they contain natural polymers. Unlike plastics made from artificial polymers, wheat straw plates are eco-friendly and suitable for daily use.
Wheat straw tableware is an affordable alternative to single-use as well as fragile plates. If you’re not yet convinced about forgoing your paper plates or fine china, check out these reasons to make the switch to organic dinnerware:
Like their ceramic cousins, wheat straw plates have various colors that can match the aesthetic of any home. Most designs come in pink, blue, green or milky white. Their light hues complement minimalist furniture like designer dining chairs and dainty tablecloths. In addition, wheat straw plates fit well with ornamental décor like vases and elegant centerpieces.
Aside from that, these plates also come in different shapes aside from the typical circle. You can get square, rectangle, or oval ones in various sizes for your whole family to use. You may even find animal shapes to attract young children to eat their food during mealtimes.
Wheat straw plates rarely have extra chemicals that can trigger allergies. Manufacturers typically produce sterilized plates free of residue and Bisphenol A (BPA) components. Since they’re made of organic materials, they’re safe to use every day for your meals.
If you’re worried about lingering bacteria on the plate’s surface even after coming from the dishwasher, don’t fret. Wheat straw tableware is antibacterial and anti-odor, too. Gluten-intolerant folks needn’t worry about eating off of these plates, either, because they’re actually gluten-free.
Wheat straw plates are lightweight, making them easy for little hands to hold. You don’t have to worry about your children accidentally dropping their plates and breaking them to pieces. It’s also effortless for anyone in your family to set up the table for meals, parties or camping trips.
Despite being made of natural by-products, wheat straw plates have a long shelf life. Thanks to their natural fibers, they’re as durable as regular plastic. They’re sturdy enough to withstand daily use, as well as a few poundings. Just ensure that you store or pack the plates properly to keep them in great shape.
While wheat straw plates last for years, they’re still made of organic materials. Expect to throw out a few older pieces after some time (different manufacturers offer different numbers, but between 5 and 10 years seems common). You shouldn’t feel guilty about eventually tossing them, though. Unlike plastic dinnerware, biodegradable plates are meant to decompose eventually.
The plates may turn to compost in around three to six months in an at-home composter, while the process takes one to two months in your municipality’s compost facility. Once they’ve broken down into the soil, they’ll serve as an excellent fertilizer for your garden plants.
Quality biodegradable dinnerware can take the heat or cold just as well as ceramic dishes. If you need to keep leftovers in the fridge, a wheat straw plate can do the job. And if you want a quick, warm meal, you can pop the dish into your microwave and eat straight out of it.
Most plates can handle up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius. So, they’re much safer microwavable containers than plastic ones that may contain BPA chemicals.
Remember the point that they come in different shapes? Wheat straw is not limited to plates. You may see bowls, cups and utensils made of the same material. So, if you want your tableware to match, you could buy several forks and spoons along with the plates.
And just because you’re living green at home doesn’t mean you can’t take them outside. You can find wheat straw lunch boxes too. You or your kids can bring these sturdy biodegradable containers to work or school and not worry about spills and leaks. They’re also a cheaper alternative to branded plastic versions but have comparable durability and leak-proof features.
Wheat straw plates are a great way to introduce the concept of environmental awareness to the family. They’re easy on the eyes, too, and fit in well with any décor. Children may enjoy eating their food more on their colorful biodegradable plates. And when the time comes, you can contribute to the environment by letting your wheat straw tableware decompose and return to the soil they had once come from.
Feature image: Maria Petersson; Image 1: Ekaterina Bolovtsova
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