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Many brands are just now discovering TikTok. If you’re struggling to understand how it works and how your brand can make the most of it, TikTok has some video tips.
TikTok has shared the following four video best practices for brands.
1. Go full-screen. TikTok advises using a 9:16 aspect ratio for videos. In the past, TikTok has said vertical videos perform best on TikTok.
2. Tell a short story. TikTok recommends a length of 21 to 24 seconds. The company also advises never to publish a video that is shorter than 10 seconds. (TikTok videos can be up to 10 minutes.) Another past tip from TikTok: use video captions. These can help add context to the story in your video.
3. Use high-resolution video. The minimum should be 720p.
4. Audio is essential. TikTok says it can be any kind of audio. But the more relevant, the better.
Best practices aren’t everything. Says TikTok: “While there are endless ways to create a ‘good’ TikTok video, finding your brand’s unique voice and direction will ultimately set you apart, and the rules are just tips and tricks to get you there.”
TikTok says its users pay attention to brands that provide fun, entertaining or culturally-relevant experiences. So when formulating your strategy, make sure you keep all these things in mind.
To help brands or creators who are just getting started, TikTok has just unveiled the TikTok Creative Sandbox. It provides additional tools and resources.
Why we care. TikTok is a social platform that most brands and businesses should no longer ignore. It isn’t Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, so you can’t simply recycle the same creative. Because TikTok is video-first, you need to create a TikTok marketing strategy. Knowing the basics will help you get started. From here, it’s up to you to make sure your audience can find and engage with your brand’s videos.
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