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Intel Dominate’s Server Market

ARM server CPUs have gotten a lot of attention over the last decade, as multiple companies attempted to bring competitive products to market without much success. In the past few years, the situation has changed somewhat. While ARM accounts for just a fraction of the overall server market, companies like …

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Nvidia Confirms GPUs

  Nvidia has released a preview of its Q1 2021 revenue figures and a statement indicating the GPU shortage that’s bedeviled the market since September 2020 isn’t going away any time soon. The good news is, Nvidia expects to earn more than the $5.3 billion it previously predicted. Nvidia doesn’t …

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Google In-SERP Lead Forms

Previously in beta, Google Ads announced its updated lead form extension which pops up a form directly from a click on an ad in search, Video, and Discovery. If opted into, it means that when a user clicks a headline from an ad, the lead form appears in the SERP …

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Boost Happiness Hormones


Most people think of financial planning as a source of stress. If this is you, I have news for you: you have it ALL wrong. Creating and following a financial plan is a great way to REDUCE your stress.  In fact, financial planning activities are guaranteed to release the four …

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Google Cash Awards

Amid months of protest this summer, as more of the world began to awaken to the many ways that people of color are systemically discriminated against, a wide number of companies announced initiatives aimed at improving the representation of underrepresented groups within their own ranks and as recipients of their …

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Illuminate Functions of Sleep

Before the age of 2 or 3 years, the human brain grows very rapidly and, during REM sleep, is busy building and strengthening synapses. After 2 or 3 years, however, sleep’s primary purpose switches from brain building to brain maintenance and repair, a role it maintains for the rest of …

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SSD Prices Drop Q4 2020

  2019 was a fabulous year to be in the market for a NAND SSD, with prices falling due to a supply glut. This isn’t at all unusual for the NAND flash industry, which typically alternates between boom and bust cycles as manufacturers first add capacity to respond to new …

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CPG Unilever Announces

CPG giant Unilever announces no more Facebook, Twitter ads through 2020 Yesterday Verizon announced it was joining the “Stop Hate for Profit” Facebook ads boycott. Today Unilever said it will stop all advertising on Facebook and Twitter through the end of the year. The company issued a statement explaining its …

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The History of Intel CPUs

A Brief History of Intel CPUs, Part 2: Pentium II Through Comet Lake In Part 1 of this guide, we discussed the various Intel CPUs from the beginning of the company through to the Pentium Pro. Before we dive into the other CPUs in Intel’s overall history, in celebrating the …

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