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Yukon Wolves

Gray wolves (Canis lupus) from the Yukon Territory, Canada, survived the extinction at the end of the last Ice Age by adapting their diet over thousands of years — from a primary reliance on horses (Equus sp.) during the Pleistocene, to moose (Alces alces) and caribou (Rangifer tarandus) today. Gray …

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Stadia Playable On iPhone

  Google launched Stadia just over one year ago with support for select Android phones and the Chromecast. Google promised iPhone support, but Apple’s App Store policies got in the way. Now, there’s finally a way to play Stadia on iOS — just fire up Safari and go to the …

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Truffle Found in Congo

Fungi play a significant role in the diets and nutrition of diverse vertebrates. Many fungi, particularly truffle-like species, have evolved close associations with animals that help to disperse their spores. These animal-fungus associations are frequently overlooked, but they are an important part of functional ecosystems and imperative for the dispersal …

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Thanks, though no thanks

Image copyright AP Image caption The boss elect did not suffer many luminary endorsements during his campaign Reports from a US advise Donald Trump is struggling to find A-list stars to perform during his inauguration. We asked a stars of a BBC Music Awards what it would take to get …

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