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Nvidia Supercomputing Applications

  Nvidia thinks it’s time for traditional CPUs to step aside when it comes to tackling the largest machine learning tasks, especially training huge models that are now upwards of a trillion parameters. Conventional super-computers make use of specialized processors — often GPUs — to do much of the compute-intensive …

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Microsoft Deploys AI

  Microsoft is deploying Nvidia’s new A100 Ampere GPUs across its data centers, and giving customers a massive AI processing boost in the process. Get it? In the– (a sharply hooked cane enters, stage right) Ahem. As I was saying. The ND A100 v4 VM family starts with a single …

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Supercomputing AI Chips

TSMC to Build Supercomputing AI Chips, Ramps Wafer-Scale Computing Over the past year, companies like Cerebras have made headlines for their use of wafer-scale processing. TSMC wants to grow this area of its business and plans to build out its InFO_SoW (Integrated Fan-Out Silicon on Wafer) technology in order to …

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