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Sound Energy

by Just Energy | Educational Can we use sound energy to turn noise into forms of energy? Sounds crazy, but we discover different types of energy all the time — especially when it comes to renewables — and sound energy is just another kind. Around the world, it’s hard to …

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Fast Radio Bursts

  We know much more about how the universe works today than we did just a few decades ago, but there will always be new mysteries to solve. In recent years, scientists have puzzled over the riddle of fast radio bursts (FRBs). These short-lived electromagnetic beacons can outshine entire galaxies, …

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Source of Stonehenge’s

Archaeologists Pinpoint Source of Stonehenge’s Sarsen Megaliths A team of researchers from the UK and South Africa has discovered that most of the hulking sandstone boulders — called sarsens — that make up the famous Stonehenge monument appear to share a common origin 25 km (15.5 miles) away in West …

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Open source and coopetition are a new normal

In a month of astonishing outcomes, we have also seen some tech partnership announcements, ones we suspicion we competence never see. In fact, usually this week we witnessed Microsoft fasten a Linux substructure and Google joining Microsoft’s .NET foundation. You can't minimize usually how during contingency these announcements are with what …

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Apple to open source Swift programming language

Following in the footsteps of Microsoft open sourcing the core of its .NET platform, Apple announced at its WWDC Keynote earlier today that it will be open sourcing its new Swift programming language. In addition, Swift can be now used to develop applications on iOS, OS X and Linux (but …

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