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Perseverance Rover Records the Sound of Mars

Even before launch, NASA talked at length about the suite of more than 20 cameras on the Perseverance rover, but did you know it also has a pair of microphones? NASA has used these off-the-shelf components to record the sounds of Mars in high fidelity for the first time. Some …

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Sound Energy

by Just Energy | Educational Can we use sound energy to turn noise into forms of energy? Sounds crazy, but we discover different types of energy all the time — especially when it comes to renewables — and sound energy is just another kind. Around the world, it’s hard to …

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Old Seashell Horn

About 18,000 years ago, the Magdalenian occupants of Marsoulas Cave in what is now France transformed a shell of the predatory sea snail Charonia lampas into a wind instrument. A team of researchers in France has now released a recording of what the instrument would have sounded like. Reconstruction of …

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