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New SSD Shortage

  A new cryptocurrency could make hard drives and SSDs both difficult to find in the coming weeks, courtesy of its “innovative” new mining model. I want to stress that I’m not sure these reports aren’t themselves part of an effort to draw attention to a new cryptocurrency at a …

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Chip Shortage Hits

  Advantech, the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial computers you don’t use but sure appreciate in retrospect, has announced that the semiconductor shortage is impacting its business and reducing shipments worldwide. This new foray into what’s gone wrong in semiconductors is brought to you by the phonemes “CO” and “VID,” …

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Automotive Chip Shortage

  The ongoing automotive chip shortage is reportedly having ripple effects throughout the industry. Samsung is reportedly concerned that problems in one area of the semiconductor market could spill over into others. The problem is that there’s not enough chip capacity to go around, according to the Financial Times. Automakers …

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Semiconductor Shortage

  The ongoing semiconductor shortage isn’t just hitting big-name tech companies like AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. According to multiple automotive manufacturers, the general manufacturing problems hitting the industry are now meaningfully slowing vehicle production. “This is absolutely an industry issue,” Toyota spokesman Scott Vazin told the AP. “We are evaluating …

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Massive Laptop Shortage

  As school districts spin up with various remote distance and in-classroom learning plans to combat COVID-19, they’ve needed far more computers than typical for the back-to-school season. This is causing problems because — again, thanks to COVID-19 — the number of computers currently available for purchase is much lower …

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