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Apple’s Self Service Program

No, it’s not April Fools. Apple announced today that starting in 2022 it will allow iPhone 12 and 13 owners to repair their broken phones with factory parts and tools sold by Apple. The company will even provide repair manuals on its website. This will allow users to identify the …

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Smartphone Upcycling

A lot of materials go into making cell phones, but these devices are too often treated as disposable. Rather than tossing an old phone, iFixit has long advocated for repairing or repurposing the phones of yesteryear, sometimes called upcycling. Samsung just dipped its toe in the waters of upcycling, but …

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Google’s Business Advisors

Google has beta-launched a program for small businesses (SMBs) to help them become better marketers on Google. Called Small Business Advisors (SBA), the program offers 50-minute individualized consulting sessions on a range of products from Google My Business to Ads and Analytics to YouTube. No enterprises or agencies. Google told …

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Planned Parenthood enrolls in 500 Startups’ seed program

Planned Parenthood has been threatened repeatedly with blockage of access in several states since Trump became our 45th president. But it also, as a consequence, has received a serious spike in donations (40 times its normal rate, according to the Guardian). The organization’s leaders are now looking to 500 Startups’ …

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3 steps to a successful channel marketing program

Indirect distribution has always been a powerful way to go to market — if you can overcome its inherent challenges. Getting hundreds or thousands of local business owners on the same page has traditionally created problems with brand compliance, funding and local execution. But how would your Brand look at …

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My Experience with IcelandAir’s Buddy Program

This post unequivocally should have left adult during slightest a month ago yet several resources have behind that. IcelandAir is finale it’s crony module for 2016 during a finish of Apr yet we wouldn’t be astounded to see it come behind subsequent year. Have we listened about a Buddy Program? …

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