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HTC New Vive Pro 2

  HTC has announced the details on its new Vive Pro 2, a headset that seems destined to improve everything about your virtual reality experience with their hardware except the price you pay for it. The new Vive Pro 2 will offer a 5K resolution, with 2448×2448 pixels per eye …

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SSD Supply Constraints

  The NAND manufacturer Phison has warned that SSD prices are likely to rise in the near future, thanks to the newly-launched, storage-focused cryptocurrency, Chia. The good news is that the impact isn’t expected to be huge — at least not yet. Phison reported Q1 2021 profits of $60.6 million, …

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SSD Prices Drop Q4 2020

  2019 was a fabulous year to be in the market for a NAND SSD, with prices falling due to a supply glut. This isn’t at all unusual for the NAND flash industry, which typically alternates between boom and bust cycles as manufacturers first add capacity to respond to new …

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Oculus slashes Rift prices as sales sag

There’s been good news on the VR front of late, but precious little of it is coming from Oculus. Earlier this week, Sony announced it was closing on one million VR headsets sold since the launch late last year. Sony has moved 915,000 VR units to date, even though we haven’t …

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