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Clay Debuts A New Tool

A new startup called Clay, backed by $8 million in seed funding, has built a system designed to help you be more thoughtful with the people in your life, which operates somewhat like a personal CRM. With Clay, you build a collection of the people you meet by connecting your …

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T-Mobile Data Opt Out

  T-Mobile has made some significant changes to its privacy policy and customers who care will need to change their defaults to keep their personal data personal. The new privacy document states: Starting April 26, 2021, T‑Mobile will begin a new program that uses some data we have about you, …

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Skyflow Raises $17.5M

  Startups that raised earlier in 2020 are finding success again before the year closes. Today it’s Skyflow, a startup that TechCrunch covered in May when it announced a $7.5 million round. The company disclosed a new investment worth $17.5 million on Tuesday. The new round, a Series A, was …

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Your Ultimate Guide to Running a Personal Best

Photo: Twenty20 You got a taste of competition after crossing your first finish line. Now you have an insatiable appetite for growing your collection of race bibs and medals. And with that: the itch to shave seconds off your finish time. Whether it’s your second or fifth 5K, 10K or …

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Elemeno Health is a personal assistant for hospital staff

Elemeno Health started building something akin to a personal assistant for hospital staff while in Y Combinator last summer. It helps hospitals gather best practices, checklists and videos doctors and nurses need to reference in a snap, all in one place. Often these materials are locked in binders and papers that staff …

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