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Ankylosaur Unearthed

The newly-discovered dinosaur species, Spicomellus afer, is the earliest-known ankylosaur and the first ankylosaur to be named from Africa. Life reconstruction of the armored dinosaur Borealopelta markmitchelli, which lived in what is now Alberta, Canada, some 110 million years ago, eating ferns. Image credit: Julius Csotonyi / Royal Tyrrell Museum. …

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New Mosasaur Species

Paleontologists have described a new species of mosasaur based on two complete skulls and jaws found in Morocco. An artist’s impression of Pluridens serpentis. Image credit: Andrey Atuchin. Mosasaurs (family Mosasauridae) were specialized marine lizards that evolved and diversified during the Late Cretaceous epoch. Their diversity peaked in the Maastrichtian …

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Asilah: An Introduction to Morocco

Everyone told me not to go to Tangier. Although Tangier has a dirty charms, a soiled alleys and unrelenting hustlers are a comparatively oppressive introduction to Morocco; however, we were nearing in Morocco by vessel from Spain, creation Tangier a available and judicious initial stop. Fortunately, Brent and we met …

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