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Hair Dusting Is The Latest Technique For Maintaining Your Locks

Photo: nataliepalomino on Instagram  As every long-haired beauty knows, rocking a voluminous mane can certainly come with its struggles. If you’re currently sporting lengthy locks, chances are that the wintry weather of the past couple weeks has affected your tresses. However, the latest hair technique promises to be an alternative to …

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Microneedling Is The Latest Skincare Trend Of 2017

Photo: iminthep1nk on Instagram  Although most of us may find the idea of a needle near our precious visage to be absolutely terrifying, there’s a new skincare trend which just might make this socially acceptable. Appropriately titled “microneedling”, the latest innovation in skincare involves a series of tiny needles, which are …

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Fringe Home Décor Is The Latest In Boho Chic Design

Photo: maggpierentals on Instagram  While we’ve all become familiar with the fringed skirts and suede vests which have become fashion essentials, the boho chic movement has also shifted to interior design. As a result, fringed accents are quickly adorning homes everywhere, causing a sensation with texture and a low key, whimsical …

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No Heat Curls- The Latest Trending Hairstyle To Try Now

Photo: marija.natasa on Instagram  While many hairstyling lovers are used to creating their signature ‘dos with plenty of hairspray and heat styling tools, a no-fuss solution could be the next biggest hair trend. As we prepare for another year of key hair looks, no heat curls have arrived as a must-try …

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Microsoft’s latest Windows update breaks multi-monitor gaming

With Windows-as-a-service, you never need to worry about installing a patch because every Microsoft patch is guaranteed, 100%, to always work, never cause problems, and certainly never break previous functionality. That, at least, is the official corporate line. Microsoft’s ability to deliver on that promise is highly questionable to nonexistent, …

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