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Neotropical Rainforests

About 66 million years ago (the end of the Cretaceous period), a 10-km-wide asteroid crashed into Earth near the site of the small town of Chicxulub in what is now Mexico. The impact unleashed an incredible amount of climate-changing gases into the atmosphere, triggering a chain of events that led …

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Colombia snub over murdering of immature girl

Image copyright EPA Image caption Three days of anguish were announced in seven-year-old Yuliana’s home dialect of Cauca. The wake has been holding place in a Colombian capital, Bogota, of a seven-year-old lady from a bad family who was raped and killed on Sunday. Yuliana Samboni’s physique – that showed …

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Killing Floor 2 Review – So Many Headshots! So Much Blood!

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4 and PCReviewed On: PCDeveloper: Tripwire InteractivePublisher: Tripwire InteractiveSingleplayer: Yes (Solo mode)Multiplayer: Yes Review code provided free of charge by the publisher.As the years have gone on games have become more and more complex, both in technical terms and in their ability to build detailed worlds filled …

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Killing Floor 2 Review

Take A Dirt-Nap – You Genetically Engineered Bastards! Game: Killing Floor 2Developer: Tripwire InteractivePublisher: Tripwire Interactive/Deep SilverReviewed on:  (Review code provided by publisher) For the last six days I’ve been trying to think of a bad-ass pun to start off this review, something related to cleaning, but I guess that idea has all …

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