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Archosauriform Footprints

Paleontologists in Italy have discovered an assemblage of fossil footprints left by an Early Triassic archosauriform. Life appearance of the non-archosaurian archosauriform, the most suitable producer of Isochirotherium gardettensis. Image credit: Fabio Manucci. The archosauriform footprints were spotted at a paleontological site on the Gardetta Plateau in the Western Alps, …

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Commerce Layer Raises $6M

Italy’s company led by Benchmark for its headless e-commerce platform In the world of commerce, the last few months have underscored the fact that every retailer, brand and entity that sells or distributes something needs to have a digital strategy. Today, one of the startups that’s built a platform aimed …

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First Time Adventures in Italy

Adventure while roving comes in each figure and size. Sometimes it’s climbing a 14k feet volcano, infrequently it’s snorkeling with whale sharks or perplexing boiled tarantulas or even spending a day with a remote mountain tribe. A initial outing to Italy typically involves a whirlwind knowledge of a handful of …

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Gluten Free Guide to Italy

I recently went to Italy for a initial time. Going to a land of pasta and pizza sounds like sky on Earth right? Well, for a Celiac like me, it seems like a land of gluten and stomach troubles. I had listened rumors, though, that Italy wasn’t as formidable for …

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