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Earth Asteroid Bennu

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer) mission to the near-Earth asteroid Bennu is designed to return a carbon-rich sample of the asteroid to Earth. This 500-m-diameter body was chosen as the mission target due to its spectral similarity to primitive and organic-rich carbonaceous chondrite meteorites. In …

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Scanning for the Ages

  One of the best gifts you can give is a book or album of family photos. First, you have to organize and select your best images. Most of your family’s history is going to be slides, prints, and negatives going back as much as 150 years – all photos …

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History of Penguins

Genetic Researchers Reconstruct Evolutionary In a new study, an international team of scientists used 22 newly-sequenced genomes from 18 extant species of penguins to reconstruct the history of their diversification and adaptation. The authors found that ancient penguins diverged in the early Miocene epoch in Australia and New Zealand and …

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The History of Intel CPUs

A Brief History of Intel CPUs, Part 2: Pentium II Through Comet Lake In Part 1 of this guide, we discussed the various Intel CPUs from the beginning of the company through to the Pentium Pro. Before we dive into the other CPUs in Intel’s overall history, in celebrating the …

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Cavs are fighting porous defense and NBA history

His team’s defense is just not working anymore, but Lue is holding onto hope that he will be able to unveil some wrinkles when the postseason tips off next month. Should Cleveland close the year with much the same defense we’ve seen lately, and still earn a spot in the …

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UPDATED: A visual history of Google ad labeling in search results

In February, Google kicked out the “Ad” label with the green background in favor of a version with a thin green border on a white background. We’ve updated our look back at the way Google has treated ad labeling in its search results, first published July 25, 2016. The debut of Google’s short-lived …

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