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Building a Financial Plan

So much that is written about retirement planning is about rates of return, inflation, savings thresholds, tax mitigation, budgeting, asset allocations, and other relatively dry and often somewhat stressful topics. However, most people care about their finances and planning for retirement because they have a dream for their future. It …

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Google Search Quality

After 10 months since the last update to the Search Quality Raters guidelines (PDF), Google has pushed out another update. The update came out Wednesday night. The Search Quality Raters guidelines document is now 175 pages, up from 168 at the last update on December 5, 2019. What is new? …

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Bing Webmaster Guidelines

Next on Live with Search Engine Land: What’s New With The Bing Webmaster Guidelines On Friday, July 31, Search Engine Land contributing editor, Barry Schwartz, will talk directly with some of the individuals responsible for the updates made to Bing Webmaster Guidelines last month. Bing first published its webmaster guidelines in …

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