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Samsung’s Exynos

  Back in 2019, AMD and Samsung announced a joint partnership to bring Radeon graphics to Exynos hardware. At the time, AMD announced that the GPU would be based on its then-new RDNA architecture and that Samsung would pay associated technology license fees and royalties to AMD. Earlier this year …

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AMD Roadmap Leak

  A newly leaked roadmap claims to show the future of AMD CPUs, with Zen 4 highlighted as a major inflection point for the company. As is always the case, readers should keep in mind that we’re discussing rumors, not fact. It’s been quite a while since I did an …

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Intel’s Tiger Lake

  When Intel unveiled Tiger Lake last month, the company promised a chip that delivered uncompromising performance on both CPU and GPU. Today, it’s clear they weren’t kidding. Intel’s Tiger Lake is proof that the company still knows how to build performant CPUs. Incidentally, it’s also the best APU — …

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