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3-D Printed Décor Is The Future Of Interior Design

Photo: boostetsy on Instagram  Although 3-D printing is currently making waves in the world of art and design, its presence in the world of interiors is a relatively new one. While the technology has found its way into accessories and jewellery, it has yet to make a major splash at home. …

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How AI will shape the future of search

There is no doubt the search industry has evolved. Just one look at how search engine results pages are currently laid out shows how things have changed. We have come a long way from 10 blue links. But have we gone far enough? At SXSW earlier this month, information access was a …

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Machine learning is marketing’s future

When you hear “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning,” what comes to mind? A complicated technology that demands deep domain experience or a degree to use? This was once the way technology worked; only a select few had access. But innovation has a funny way of changing things. What might seem …

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The Future is Now: Ramp up your Google Shopping ROI

Product Listing Ads (PLAs) across desktop and mobile have taken the majority of retailers’ budgets and are driving search advertising growth. But mastering Google Shopping campaigns requires more than just a basic understanding of bid management and product feeds. You need to engage shoppers with a richer, more intuitive search …

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