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Laptop Supply Chains

(Photo: Vandan Patel/Unsplash)If you thought COVID-19 was done impacting supply chains on a major scale, you’d unfortunately be wrong. Electronics makers in Kunshan—a major city in China’s Jiangsu province—are again being required to adjust their operations to comply with new epidemic response measures affecting much of the country. Thanks to …

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Hemisphere of Enceladus

Spectral data gathered by the Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) onboard NASA’s Cassini spacecraft provide strong evidence that the northern hemisphere of Saturn’s moon Enceladus has been resurfaced with ice from its interior. In these detailed infrared images of Enceladus, reddish areas indicate fresh ice that has been deposited …

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Spring Cleaning Tips For A Fresh And Beautiful Home

With the weather gradually warming and the sun emerging from behind those clouds, homeowners are looking forward to embracing a clean and refreshed home. Whether your humble abode is an urban condo or a sprawling suburban property, every dwelling could use a spring clean. As we step into the season …

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I can feel the fresh air in Farming Simulator 15’s new trailer

Farming Simulator had been a Twitch/YouTube favourite for some time now, and now Focus Home Interactive, the team behind the game, want to sell another few million copies. If you’ve never played it before, basically, Farming Simulator is what it says on the tin: an open-world game where you manage a farm, …

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