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AMD Foundry Freedom

  AMD has announced an amended wafer supply agreement (WSA) with GlobalFoundries, clarifying the relationship the two companies will have through 2024. AMD and GF have been consciously slowly uncoupling from each other for nearly a decade at this point, and while the two firms will continue to work together …

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Samsung’s Foundry

  When Samsung, NXP, and Infineon announced they were shutting down their factories in Austin, TX to help the state manage its electrical shortage, the shutdowns were expected to be brief. There’s no word on whether or not Infineon has restarted, but both Samsung and NXP are still offline, 15 …

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Samsung $10B Foundry


  TSMC recently announced it would spend an extra $10 billion on capital expenditures in 2021, and it sounds as if Samsung may approximately match the increase. There are new reports that the Korean giant could build a new $10B foundry in Texas to handle advanced logic manufacturing at the …

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SK Hynix Buys Foundry for $9B

  SK Hynix has announced it will acquire Intel’s NAND memory business for $9B, including Intel’s NAND SSD foundry, its component and wafer business, and the manufacturing facility Intel built in Dalian, China. The announcement specifically states that Intel will retain its Optane business. Not the Fastest Timeline The two …

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