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XENON1T Experiment

Some unexplained results from the XENON1T dark-matter detector — a 1,300-kg vat of super-pure liquid xenon shielded from cosmic rays in a cryostat submerged in water deep 1.5 km beneath the Gran Sasso mountains of Italy — may have been caused by dark energy particles produced in a region of …

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Fermilab Experiment

  Scientists working at Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois have made some of the most important discoveries in physics over the years, including the existence of the top quark and characterizing the neutrino. Now, the team working on Fermilab’s Muon g−2 experiment has reported a tantalizing hint of a new type …

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Huawei Ditching Android

  Huawei became a smartphone heavyweight on the strength of Google’s Android platform, but the day may be coming when Huawei leaves Android behind. As US trade restrictions continue to squeeze the firm, Huawei has announced HarmonyOS 2.0. The latest version of its in-house operating system has support for phones, …

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An answer box experiment (my journey into known and unknown factors)

Disclaimer: I’m sharing my experience below without making any claims. I’m simply sharing my observations in hopes the SEO industry might be able to further test with me. Remember, correlation does not imply causation.  I’m fascinated by Answer Boxes. You know, these things: While Answer Boxes go back several years, they …

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