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GeoVisual Search from Descartes Labs makes the Earth searchable

Scavenger hunts just got significantly more tactical with Descartes Labs’ new GeoVisual Search. Finding shipping containers, runways and even parking lots on a global scale is no problem with the free tool made available today. Descartes Labs is a geospatial analytics startup based in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The company specializes in analyzing …

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The only sample of metallic hydrogen on Earth has vanished

The physics world was abuzz with excitement (and skepticism) last month when scientists from Harvard University claimed they had created a stable sample of metallic hydrogen. Their initial testing and paper garnered a great deal of interest, as no one had thus far been able to prove the theoretical material …

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NASA takes an amazing photo of Earth from Mars

Mars is many millions of miles away, but it’s not always as far away as you think. The powerful scientific instruments we’ve deployed to the Red Planet can occasionally give us a glimpse of our own humble planet from a different perspective. NASA has just released a new image that …

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New Estimate: There are Over 18,000 Bird Species on Earth

A new study published in the journal PLoS ONE suggests that there are 18,043 bird species in the world — nearly twice as many as previously thought. Toucan. Image credit: Tambako the Jaguar / CC BY-ND 2.0. Birds (class Aves) are traditionally thought of as a well-studied group, with more …

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