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Windows 11 Update

Processings…Please wait. An upcoming Windows 11 update will block third-party apps from enabling users to select which browser and search engine Start menu searches open in, according to The Verge. Start menu searches open in the Edge browser, with results from Bing, regardless of the user’s designated default browser and …

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Responsive Google Ads

Google announced today that RSAs will officially become the default ad type for Search campaigns in Google Ads, though expanded text ads can still be created. RSAs allow advertisers to input multiple headlines and ad copy variations, and Google Ads uses machine learning to determine which variations to use based …

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Yahoo Mail to have HTTPS encryption by default – finally

Yahoo has finally announced that it will turn on HTTPS encryption by default for Yahoo Mail next year – four years after Google announced the same thing for Gmail, and two years for Microsoft during the transition between Hotmail and Outlook (it was an option in Hotmail in 2010). Incidentally, the …

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