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SSD Supply Constraints

  The NAND manufacturer Phison has warned that SSD prices are likely to rise in the near future, thanks to the newly-launched, storage-focused cryptocurrency, Chia. The good news is that the impact isn’t expected to be huge — at least not yet. Phison reported Q1 2021 profits of $60.6 million, …

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New SSD Shortage

  A new cryptocurrency could make hard drives and SSDs both difficult to find in the coming weeks, courtesy of its “innovative” new mining model. I want to stress that I’m not sure these reports aren’t themselves part of an effort to draw attention to a new cryptocurrency at a …

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Cryptocurrency Miners

  According to a new report, cryptocurrency miners aren’t just buying up desktop PC GPUs — they’ve started hoovering up gaming laptops as well. This has kept gaming laptop sales high through Q1 when normally the market would have cooled off by now. This information comes courtesy of DigiTimes, via …

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