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E-commerce Packaged Goods

  This year is all about the roll-ups. No, not those fruity snacks you used to find in your lunchbox; roll-ups are the aggregation of smaller companies into larger firms, creating a potentially compelling path for equity value. Right now, all eyes are on Thrasio, the fastest company to reach …

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Intel Optane Products

  Intel has announced it will discontinue all of its Optane drives in the consumer space, even the top-end enthusiast-oriented products. This isn’t entirely surprising given how the storage market has performed these past few years, but we’re hoping it’s a tactical retreat, not a complete pullback. According to new …

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Psykhe Secures Seed Funding

In an overcrowded market of online fashion brands, consumers are spoilt for choice on what site to visit. They are generally forced to visit each brand one by one, manually filtering down to what they like. Most of the experience is not that great, and past purchase history and cookies …

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Yelp New Consumer Alert

Yelp announced two initiatives designed to fight racism and promote diversity and inclusion among local businesses. The company expanded a relationship with non-profit consortium Open to All to make training resources available “for small and medium-sized businesses to uplevel their diversity and inclusion practices.” The other initiative could prove more …

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Coronavirus App Downloads

Coronavirus impact sends app downloads, usage and consumer spending to record highs in Q2 As the world continued to cope with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the second quarter of 2020 became the largest yet for mobile app downloads, usage, and consumer spending. According to new data from app …

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TripAdvisor Consumer’s

t’s safe to say that the U.S. has badly fumbled its response to COVID-19 and the pandemic will be with us through at least the end of 2020. That means consumers will probably remain cautious about returning to hotels, restaurants, retail stores, gyms and salons for the foreseeable future. Varying …

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