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Chinese Lunar Rover

China made history in 2018 when it landed the Chang’e 4 mission on the lunar surface. The lander deployed a plucky little rover known as Yutu-2, which is still trundling around the far side of the moon—a first for humanity. Late last year, the rover spotted something unusual in the …

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Chinese Designer Loongson

The Chinese CPU design firm Loongson wants to raise $544 million in an IPO as part of a bid to raise funds and further the development of its next-generation products. Loongson is a company we’ve discussed several times over the last few years. Its CPUs use an instruction set based …

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Popular Fertility App?

  Premom, one of the top pregnancy apps on both Android and Google Play, bills itself as a method of helping you “get pregnant quickly and naturally.” It offers fertility and ovulation tracking and asks individuals to upload detailed information about their sexual health in order to provide advice on …

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Semiconductor Companies

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate Taiwanese A presentation at the Black Hat (virtual) Security Conference this week revealed details of a number of hacking operations aimed at the Taiwanese semiconductor industry. The Taiwanese security firm CyCraft presented details of its investigation at the conference. At least seven Taiwanese companies were penetrated in …

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Throwback Thursday: Chinese tariffs afterwards and now

Furniture Today turns 40 this year and to assistance a readers applaud we offer this demeanour behind during a past 40 years of seat attention history. Each week we’ll puncture into a F/T repository to share insights from a industry’s past. We’d also like to hear your stories. If you’d …

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