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Apple Detection Tools

Apple recently confirmed a report that claimed it was planning to go hunting for illegal materials on iPhones. This, from a company that has long promoted its privacy protections. Condemnation was swift from civil liberties groups, but many have withheld judgment because of Apple’s intended target: images of child sexual …

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Use this Game to Raise an Eco-friendly Child

It’s not that people nowadays purposely set out to destroy the Earth. We’re just lazy. We’ll do our assignment tomorrow if it means Facebook right now and we’ll do the dishes later even if it means cockroaches will start appearing from dark corners in the house we weren’t even aware …

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Enhance your Child’s Health with Massage

By  Dr. Rajiv Singh, Pediatrics Helping the Muscles and Joints relieved by rubbing of the body with the hands. The Massage helps in relieving any kind of body pain and let the body relax. Massage can be applied with the hands, fingers, elbows etc. Massage is useful for everyone be it adult …

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Microsoft to customers: even a child can upgrade to Window 10

Source: The Verge Upgrading Windows, or any OS in general, can sometimes be a rough process. You never know if it’ll lead to your computer or phone being bricked, whether you’ll experience some sweet error codes or BSOD’s, or whether you’ll find older software is no longer compatible with the latest and …

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