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Collaborative Intelligence

Ineffective meetings cost businesses $541 billion a year globally in lost productivity and employee time, according to Doodle’s 2019 State of the Meeting report. And according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report, as much as 85% of employee time may be wasted on inefficient collaboration. But the real …

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3 Apps To Help Productivity

Looking to get things done and be more productive? An app that specializes in helping you get (and stay) productive might be a great option to try. Check out three of our favourite productivity apps below. Andy.do: (Free) This extremely popular, well-rounded app allows you to organize your tasks, lists …

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Samsung AI Processor

  Samsung has announced the availability of a new Aquabolt variation. Unlike the typical clock speed jump or capacity improvement you’d expect, this new HBM-PIM can perform calculations directly on-chip that would otherwise be handled by an attached CPU, GPU, or FPGA. PIM stands for Processor-in-Memory, and it’s a noteworthy …

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Boost Happiness Hormones


Most people think of financial planning as a source of stress. If this is you, I have news for you: you have it ALL wrong. Creating and following a financial plan is a great way to REDUCE your stress.  In fact, financial planning activities are guaranteed to release the four …

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Boost Your Rankings

If your brand has been creating content for some time, you’ll likely reach a point where some of your newer content overlaps with existing content. Or you may have several related, but relatively thin pieces you’ve published. Since many people have been sold on the idea that more content is …

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Windows 10 Game Mode can boost performance after all

Microsoft’s Game Mode has been a puzzling feature addition to Windows 10 ever since we got wind of the option at the tail end of 2016. After keeping quiet about expected improvements, Microsoft finally let drop that average PCs might only see a 2-5 percent improvement. This is, to be …

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Study: Caffeine, 23 Other Compounds Boost Dementia-Fighting Enzyme

A team of scientists at Indiana University, Bloomington, has identified 24 compounds — including caffeine, retinoic acid, and rolipram — with the potential to boost an enzyme in the brain shown to protect against dementia. Indiana University Professor Hui-Chen Lu and co-authors have identified 24 compounds that increase the brain’s …

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How to Boost Metabolism in Your 20s, 30s and 40s

Photo: Pond5 You remember the moment it hit you. When you realize that, even though you’ve been eating about the same and exercising a fair amount, you’ve put on a few pounds. Or, you came back from vacation only to realize you weren’t bouncing back as quickly as you used …

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