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Vocal Learning Avians

An international team of scientists led by Flinders University has found evidence of prenatal auditory learning in embryos of three vocal learning species (superb fairy-wren, red-winged fairy-wren and Darwin’s small ground finch) and two vocal non-learning species (little penguin and Japanese quail). Colombelli-Négrel et al. demonstrate a capacity to perceive …

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Mass Black Hole

Astronomers using the twin LIGO detectors located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington, and the Virgo detector located near Pisa, Italy, have detected gravitational waves from the most massive binary black hole merger ever discovered. The two spinning black holes merged when the Universe was only about 7 billion years …

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All About Birth Control

By Dr M.S Ambekar, Sexologist Birth control is a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Increase in awareness about birth control measures helps partners plan their childbearing in a better way. Methods of Birth Control- 1) The most effective birth control methods are intrauterine devices (IDUs) that are often ‘T’ shaped and inserted …

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Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

      By Dr. Alok Kumar, Homeopathy For most women, pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of their lives – they positively ‘bloom.’ However for others, the nine months of pregnancy can pose some niggling health challenges including falling pregnant in the first instance. Homeopaths generally view the pregnancy …

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