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How Do Batteries Work?

by Just Energy | Educational Alessandro Volta accidentally created the first battery in 1800. He was trying to prove to a fellow scientist that it was not necessary to use animal tissue to produce an electric current. Volta was successful in winning his debate and then some. The unforeseen invention …

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Remember to Recycle Old Batteries

One thing people often forget about when recycling household objects are single-use batteries. When you think about it, your home is full of batteries. No matter whether you’re looking at your TV remote, your wireless keyboard, the wall clock in your kitchen or the flashlight next to your bed, batteries …

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Batteries charged to play bigger purpose in UK appetite grid

Image copyright UK Power Networks Image caption Batteries offer a greener approach of storing electricity It’s battery farming, though not as we know it. In a large step brazen for immature energy, a supervision has pronounced that low-carbon batteries will play a purpose in balancing a inhabitant grid for a …

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