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The best and worst things about Android Wear 2.0

Google spent several extra months on the Android Wear 2.0 update after delaying its release last fall. Now the latest version of Google’s wearable platform has debuted on two new smartwatches, and it’s about to roll out to many of the older devices. Has Google done what it needs to …

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FAQ: How to get Google Assistant on your Android phone

Excited to get Google Assistant on your Android phone? Until last week, it was only available for Google Pixel phones. Now, it’s rolling out slowly to Android phones beyond that. Here’s how it may come to your phone or why it might not be on it already. Google Assistant is Google’s new digital …

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EasilyDo brings its powerful Email app to Android

EasilyDo’s simply named “Email” application is one of the most popular productivity apps on iOS, because it closely resembles the look-and-feel of Apple’s default Mail app, but comes with more powerful features. Essentially, it feels like you’ve given the Mail app an upgrade. Now EasilyDo’s Email has made its way over to …

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Google Assistant might take weeks to reach your Android phone

Excited to get Google Assistant on your Android phone? You might have to hang in there. While Google Assistant officially rolled out this week to phones beyond Google’s own Pixel, the company says it might take a few weeks to reach your device. Google Assistant is Google’s new digital assistant to take …

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10 best Android apps for power users

Android phones come with a lot of handy apps out of the box, but that’s just the start. With the right apps you can may your phone faster and better. You can also start making changes to customize the device to your liking and really get into the nitty gritty …

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