XO 6.2 Waterproof Fully Submersible Backpack (video)

Anyone looking to lift their valuables while exploring, sailing or adventuring nearby water, might be meddlesome in a new waterproof trek called a XO 6.2 that has been designed by Helixot. Unlike normal backpacks a Helixot XO 6.2 trek can be entirely submersed in H2O nonetheless still keep your personal …

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Ant Modular Desktop Analog Synthesiser (video)

Musicians and song makers looking for a modular analogue synthesiser might be meddlesome in a new desktop complement that has been combined by Plankton Electronics formed in Barcelona Spain. The synthesiser is able of formulating a pristine analogue sound, and offers both an affordable and modular complement that is accessible …

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WiCub Wireless Temperature And Humidity Sensor (video)

Anyone acid for a wireless heat and steam sensor might be meddlesome in a new Internet of Things device that has been combined by Mesh-Net formed in London. WiCub is a battery-powered wireless sensor that requires no cloud storage or mobile focus to function. Watch a proof video next to …

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Hallam 29 Function Smart Jacket Launches On Kickstarter (video)

HALLAM NEW YORK intelligent coupler 2.0 has 3 forms of styles: Hoodie, Varsity Jacket, and Wool Jacket. Moreover, there are 4 forms of jackets formed on functions: BASIC, SMART, WORKOUT, and TRAVEL. BASIC Jacket has 18 forms of functions, such as CHARGING WHILE IN USE, CHARGER POCKET, BUILT IN EARPHONE CABLE, …

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Branch cPro MackBook Pro USB-C Dock (video)

Apple MacBook Pro owners that are blank a ability to entrance ports and SD label slots that were formerly accessible on comparison MacBook systems, might be meddlesome in a new USB-C wharf that is being combined by Branch and aptly named a cPro. The cPro USB-C Dock is assembled from …

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GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming XK700 Mechanical Keyboard

GIGABYTE has announced a further of a new automatic gaming keyboard to a operation in a form of a GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming XK700, that includes a series of facilities to concede we to customise your blueprint and keys accurately a approach we would like regulating a Xtreme Engine. The new …

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