Tuesday , December 18 2018

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How to go above and beyond with your content

We’re creating a lot of content these days. It’s everywhere. Everyone is writing; everyone has a blog. I’m truly waiting for the day when my mom asks me how she can start a blog to impart her wisdom about how to behave properly in a restaurant. With the nonstop stream of …

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What’s love got to do with Valentine’s Day?

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a day for people in relationships to celebrate their love. But more and more, people who are not in committed relationships are making Valentine’s Day purchases. Clever marketers have caught on to this and are targeting other markets to boost overall Valentine’s Day sales. In this …

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Up Your Beauty Game With These Ingestible Products

Photo: iStock  While you already have an ongoing collection of beauty products to help maintain your skin, hair and nails, drinking or digesting products may be the latest way to achieve a flawless glow. From hair serums and hair masks to nail hardeners, you’re doing everything you can to ensure …

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Adorn Your Home With Mid-Century Modern Décor Now

Photo: wunderblumen on Instagram  The calendar may read 2017, but the architecture and interior design worlds continue to draw their inspiration from the world of mid-century modern design. Inspired by the years 1933 to 1965, this decorating style pays tribute to past decades which have left an impact on the design …

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Adobe bets on Chromebooks for education with slew of mobile apps

Until now there has been a clear division between Adobe’s mouse-and-keyboard driven desktop applications and its touch-centric mobile versions. But, timed to coincide with Google’s push to blend Android with Chromebooks, Adobe has announced support for six of its most popular mobile applications on Play Store-compatible Chromebooks. This is part …

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Accessorize Your Kitchen With Funky Barstools This Winter

Photo: bellainteriorsofnc on Instagram  While barstools were once considered youthful and tacky, they have since been elevated from casual seating options to chic accent pieces. If you’re aiming to bring an effortlessly polished effect to your kitchen this season, look no further than barstools for a cool decorating statement. We’ve compiled …

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