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Will Klecko make the NFL Hall of Fame?

But that was known well before Saturday, because Klecko was denied entrance, once again, in August, when the Hall’s Seniors Committee used its lone 2017 nomination on former Seahawks safety Kenny Easley, who wound up making the Hall of Fame on Saturday. The two non-modern era committees on a rotational …

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Google Maps will tell you how hard it will be to find parking

Google announced that the new version of the Google Maps Android app will now tell you how difficult it is to find parking at your destination. This is based on predictive data, similar to how Google calculates popular times for venues. Google added this parking difficulty icon for 25 metro …

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Target will launch its own mobile payments system this year

Target’s CartWheel application has grown to some 27 million shoppers who have used it over the past three years following its debut to save over $600 million at checkout. Now, the retailer hints it may be adding mobile payments to the app, and potentially its main Target application, as well. The company didn’t …

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