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Google gives SEO tips on how to handle day-long site closures

John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, wrote a blog post explaining how SEOs and webmasters can handle site outages or closures that last for a day or longer. This is when a webmaster intentionally takes down the site for maintenance, site moves, religious reasons or other reasons. John …

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Winter Driving Fuel Efficiency Tips

Feel like you’re spending more time at the gas station these past months? It’s not your imagination! Along with the dip in winter temperatures, the fuel efficiency of our cars drops during colder months. Tests show that when temps fall from about 77°F to 20°F, a car’s gas mileage drops …

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Pink Tips Are A Sweet And Girly Valentine’s Day Hair Look

Photo: villageonmain on Instagram  With rose gold and candy pink shades of hair stealing the spotlight this winter, we’re hardly surprised that pink tips are a ruling hair colour trend. On Instagram, beauty addicts can be spotted with subtle pink highlights added to the ends of their tresses. Most commonly seen …

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Winter Heating Tips

Feeling the chill this winter? Many parts of the USA and Canada just can’t get warm enough! With the frigid temps come higher electric consumption, due to the constant heating in our homes and offices. While investing in long-term, energy-efficient solutions, such as solar and geothermal power, are some of …

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