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Ceramic Tile Mosaic Background Wall Tiles Deco Ceramic Mosaic Tile


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Ships from hong kong.This mediterranean style mosaic on a mesh netting is easy to install, clean and maintain.If you want to have a unique style of design on your tv setting wall, bathroom, sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, this is the tile you should buy.We maintain great value and high quality on our products.Size: 282*282mm, weigh 0.8kg, 0.5cm thick.( 1 pcs ) the amount of 12.5 per square.Ceramic matarial.Size: 28.2*28.2cm.0.5cm thick.( 1 pcs ) easy application with no experience required.Quick and easy decor updates.Flexible and humidity resistant.Suitable for tv setting wall, bathroom floor , kitchen floor, bedroom walls, laundry rooms etc.Making your room looks unique and sweet.

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