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Backless 5-foot Eucalyptus Wood Bench


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This bench is just like all the other benches, minus the back part.Although some may think that this puts our bench at a disadvantage, we choose to look at it as a positive.When the back of a bench is removed, it can suddenly become many things: a picnic bench, a footrest, and if you add an uncomfortable embroidered cushionvoila a fancy european settee (you know, those benches that you arent ever supposed to actually sit on).Without a back in the way, you can shove it up against any wall you want without blocking any of your priceless artwork, outlets, light switches, or mouse holes.Even better, this bench is versatile enough to park its backless self in the inside or the outside of your house.Made from premium-grade tightly grained eucalyptus hardwood (similar to, but more durable than teak), this bench can withstand weather, dampness, insects and decay, as well as the general wear and tear it will encounter from day to day use (unless you decide to go the settee route, of course).So go ahead, go backless.

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Weight 45.54 lbs
Dimensions 6.00 × 58.00 × 21.00 in



Natural, Wood


assembly, required, Some

Item type

Backless, Bench

Protective qualities

and, decay-resistant, fungi, mildew, Mold, rot, termites


1, against, defects, manufacturing, year






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